Cuchara Homeowners:
Cuchara Cabin and Condo Rentals is seeking additional properties to add
to our inventory.  We are happy to report that our customer base is
quickly outgrowing the number of properties we have available.

Our current owners are seeing an average of 60-90 rental nights per
season (May 15th-October 15th).  The lower averages are from owners
that frequently visit Cuchara over the summer while the higher number of
rental nights are in properties completely released to us between
Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Why Choose ME over AirBnB or VRBO?

The big box booking sites use excellent marketing gimmicks to draw you
in.  These gimmicks are centered around heavily populated, tourist
destinations with year-round attractions.... and it sure looks great if you
don't have to pay a property manager!  Let's discuss the downfalls of
skipping over the local, experienced property management company:

1.  AirBnB and VRBO are both charging you a commission on every
booking.  The customer also pays a booking fee, cleaning fees, etc.  The
end result, YOU make less per rental while the customer pays more!

2.  Who is going to clean your property between guests?  When you find
that person, for your own protection they need to be insured or bonded.  
This means you're paying a cleaning "company" a premium rate.

3.  Are you sure everything was done right?  You're not here to inspect
the property after housekeeping for any mistakes.  You're not here to
check for damages after each renter.  This means you'll have to pay
someone to inspect your property to ensure the renter is getting a quality

4.  What are you going to do when the smoke detectors start beeping at 2
am?  How about when someone can't figure out the TV or get the internet
to work.  What happens when your refrigerator quits working?  Renters
expect an immediate response to anything gone wrong... and they should,
they're paying good money to stay in your home.  Who are you going to
find at 2 am?  How much are you going to pay a repairman if you can find

With a local property management company, we have all of these what-if's
written into our commission.  We have people on staff to handle a crisis.
We have the customer base to book your property.  We do the screening.
We handle the quality control.  We manage your calendar.  We provide
the supplies. We can adapt immediately to trends.. and most importantly
We have the small town relationships that keep people coming back.

When you put the numbers on paper, local property management
companies are a much greater value to the property owner and provide a
higher quality experience for the guest.

What makes Cuchara Cabin and Condo Rentals the best choice?

We have been here longer than any other property management
company in Cuchara's history.  We are the ONLY property management
company with an office on Main Street in Cuchara.  We have been in the
same location since day one.  This means we have the pleasure of
interacting with every guest to relationships for future business.  This also
gives us the most exposure.  Any person in Cuchara seeking vacation
rental information gets the advantage of a face-to-face conversation with
me.  If you're visiting Cuchara, you're leaving with our information!

With that said:

What's the advantage to renting?

1.  Someone is caring for your home at all times.  You don't have to worry
about visiting Cuchara for a relaxing getaway only to find surprises that
will consume your vacation.  We also offer winter caretaking so you never
have to worry about a pipe freezing on those cold winter nights.  Several
owners have switched to us from our competitors simply because of our
strong reputation in quality service.

2.  Revenue.  Your property is generating income when it normally would
have sat vacant.  Without the Ski Resort, we will never claim to have a
property pay for itself, but you will see a significant aid to the home's
expenses.  Typically, the profits cover the expenses but not the mortgage.
If the resort were to open, you may have walked into a great money
making opportunity.

3.  Cleanliness.  No more arriving in Cuchara to spend the next 2 days
sweeping and mopping.  Your home is ready to move in when you arrive
and someone else takes out the garbage when you leave!

What if I am planning to sell my house?

EXPOSURE!  Many of our guests are long-time visitors of Cuchara.  Most
consider purchasing a property at some time.  What better way to help sell
your home than allow someone to pay you to try it out for a week!?  We
work very closely with All Seasons Real Estate to ensure that our rentals
do not interfere with showing the property.

The Facts:

1.  Rental nights and revenue are impacted by your personal use of the
property and specific dates.  We work with many of our owners to provide
"suggested" dates to block out based on historical data and likeliness of
the property not booking.

2.  None of us can predict future year's revenue, especially considering
the current a rapidly changing economy.  The good news is that many of
our properties are already booked for 2019 and the phone is ringing for

3. Properties generally take 3 years in a rental program to show their full
potential.  Typically, we price them lower for the first year to entice
business.  The second year we raise the price as guests are more aware
of your property.  The third year is when word of mouth has spread, you
have repeat customers for your home and we can almost bet on a
sustained revenue for years to come.

Please call or e-mail us if you might be interested or would like
further details!

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