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What's New?
Please feel free to join the Facebook page for Cuchara Cabin & Condo
Rentals.  We publish local news and weather almost daily.  Once the
summer (2018) season is upon us, we will begin regular updates of deals,
cancellations, area activities/events and opportunities for our guests.  Just
one more attempt to ensure you, our guest, can find the property that is
perfect for your needs.

What to Watch

Every year this company is faced with changing needs of our customers.  
We do our best to adjust the company's focus based on requests and the
needs of our guests.  We also have to look at patterns and ensure we're
protecting the properties.  What one guest does can affect the next guest's
stay, even to the simplest detail of adjusting the temperature inside the
refrigerator.  We will be revising our
POLICIES to further clarify what is
expected of our guests.  We want people to enjoy themselves, but we also
need guests respecting the properties and following our guidelines to
ensure everybody has the best experience possible.

Some properties are under new ownership and/or undergoing remodels.

River's Edge Lodge, Baby Bear, Yenzer Cabin,
Morgan Cabin, River Runaway, Dos Hermanas, Cuchara Mountain Manor and
Snow View all are equipped with wireless internet!

River's Edge Lodge saw new decks a couple years ago and has recently
added new master bedroom furnishings, including a new King bed.

River Paradise has received an entire facelift inside.

Repeat guests may have noticed that I have not raised our prices in several
years.  Many may realize that our expenses have sky-rocketed with the
current economic state.  We've been offering our 2005 prices with
2014/2015 expenses.  This is a courtesy to keep Cuchara Vacation Rentals
as affordable as possible.   I will need to adjust some pricing, though.  
Someproperties cost more to maintain and many of our services are getting
very expensive to provide.  This means you may see some properties raise
their price approximately 5% ($5-$10/night).  As always, I honor the price
advertised at the time of your request, meaning if you book early the price
WILL NOT go up.

I have launched a campaign to gain additional properties, as we've been
turning away too much business in years past!  
Cuchara Homeowners are
encouraged to contact us if there is any interest in bringing your property
into the program.

Thank You,
Edward N. Matthes
Cuchara Cabin & Condo Rentals, Owner
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